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Chronic Lower Back Pain and SMR

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

chronic lower back pain

Lower back pain is easily fixed with SMR. It is rare that I can’t fix lower back pain within three sessions. Thus it seems fitting that I should blog about the insight I have gained on the subject.

There are many reasons for lower back pain, but the common denominator of all the cases I treat is non-functioning core muscles. Core muscles are the major muscles that stabilize and control the pressure inside the torso (the area around the lower back).

If all the muscles around the lower back are not functioning correctly (i.e. engaging with the correct strength and disengage at the right time when the nervous system commands), then instability occurs and can cause chronic pain in the long run.

The reason core muscles are dysfunctional will vary drastically from one client to the next. It can be from an old ankle injury, whiplash ten years prior, hernia surgery, jaw dysfunction, inability to deal with stress, etc. You name it, I have found a traceable pattern back to dysfunctional core muscles.

Conventional therapies look at x-rays, watch how you move, palpate, then treat the pain area. But what these therapies don’t do is test all the individual muscles that stabilize the core. This blows my mind as every health care practitioner who deals with the musculoskeletal system has been taught how to manually test individual muscles, yet clients who have seen various practitioners for years and religiously followed physiotherapy exercises to strengthen muscle XYZ, have never actually had the muscles individually tested.

The process with SMR to fix chronic lower back pain is quite simple. We test every muscle that has a relationship with the torso to make sure they are neurologically functioning correctly. If they are not, we reverse engineer where the problem is coming from and correct whatever dysfunction that we are lead to. Then we recheck that this has corrected the dysfunctional muscles. This is repeated until all the muscles are firing correctly, causing the back to become stable and the pain to disappear.




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