• Colin Liggett

C-section scar weakening your core?

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Neck, back, hip and knee pain have all been successfully treated in my clinic by addressing C-section scars. That's not to say that your C-section scar is definitely causing your current condition, but would feature high on my list of potential causes.

C-sections cut through the muscles of the core that maintain intra-abdominal pressure. These muscles help stabilize you and transfer power from your upper to lower limbs. In time, the muscles repair but the neurological response to the surgery rarely does.

The surgery scar often has dysfunctional proprioceptors that, when stimulated by arching your back or rotating/bending forward, send a faulty signal to your brain. Your brain recognizes the signal as faulty and temporarily decreases your core strength as a protective mechanism. Left untreated, this can and will persist for many years.

With Sensory Motor Repatterning (SMR), correcting the neurological response is a simple, pain-free treatment that can be achieved in most cases within one session. The treatment is completely non-invasive and can be performed while wearing thin material such as yoga pants. Find out more about how SMR can fix this and many other compensation patterns at ottawaSMR.ca

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