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  • Colin Liggett

Exercise like a Pro - Injury Free

What if you could stop a hamstring strain, sprained ankle or rotor cuff tear from ever happening and ruining your season? As a Sensory Motor Repatterning (SMR) Therapist I believe that most injuries occur because of pre-existing compensation patterns. The injury was always destined to happen as a neural dysfunction exists in relation to a certain muscle (or group of muscles) that leaves you weak in that area.

When you take that extra hard hit, push yourself for those extra few seconds, or slip and roll that ankle, the resulting injury is not just a lack of luck. It's because your core wasn’t firing right or your hamstring has been firing for your glutes, or the lateral stabilizers of your ankle have been inhibited by the medial stabilizers.

SMR can increase performance by fine tuning the system, yes, it can fix chronic issues, but it’s greatest feat is in injury prevention by finding those weak spots within the musculoskeletal system before they hit the breaking point.

Three to five sessions is enough for most athletes' compensations to be completely addressed, and once they are gone, they are gone. Why? Because your nervous system is designed to be optimal, it just needs shown how and where to make the improvements. Yes, in the following season you will create brand new compensations, but I’m here to help with those. In the meantime, you're likely exercising on top of compensations that have been there since you were a teenager- it’s time to have them addressed!



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