Neuro Bike Fit

The worlds first Neurological Bike Fit

Ottawa SMR is offering a world-first - The Neuro Bike Fit, which enhances riding ability and reduces the risk of injury for all cyclists by adapting the nervous system to the bike.

  1. Increases power and efficiency, and achieves better overall riding experience.

  2. Complements the individuals' personal bike setting and NO adjustments needed to the current bike setup.

  3. The nervous system has built up dysfunctional movement patterns over a lifetime, many of which will cause non-optimal firing patterns when on a bike, including inhibition as a safety response.

  4. The nervous system does not want to be dysfunctional and will adapt rapidly when correctly prompted.

For the Neuro Bike Fit, I mount the clients' bike into a Tacx trainer. This allows me to test the rider in several positions and throughout the range of motions of the pedal stroke. The client will also need to bring their shorts, helmet, and cleated shoes.

Also onsite is a Life fitness IC4 spin bike, which is set up for Look Delta road cleats style shoes or Shimano SPD's. Thus we can calibrate you to get the most out of your spin classes, as well as road rides.

For new clients, I first need to assess and treat for 1.5 hours, then have them come back for a second visit to do the bike assessment. For anyone with chronic issues or a long list of previous injuries, I need to correct all this first, so it will probably take three sessions in all.

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